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AdSuite offers utilities an opportunity to increase revenue

Published by Cory Clark on March 29th, 2012 - in AdSuite, Electric, Telecom

Utilities are looking for more opportunities to increase revenue while managing consumption levels. AdSuite powered by GreenSuite provides an avenue for increased utility revenue by allowing utilities to publish local or national ads within their GreenSuite implementation. These ads may be viewed by utility customers online, on tablet devices, mobile devices and email.

GreenSuite manages the entire process for the utilities from sales to ad creation. The ad revenue is then shared between GreenSuite and the utility.

Learn more about how AdSuite helps increase revenue at your utility.

Can GreenSuite help my Coop sell our excess capacity?

Published by Cory Clark on March 23rd, 2012 - in Electric

GreenSuite was recently asked this question at TechAdvantage 2012 in San Diego. At first, we did not have a response because GreenSuite focuses on behavior-based energy efficiency through member engagement. After further consideration, GreenSuite could assist with this request and offers an opportunity to add another revenue stream to offset the costs of the excess capacity.

Here is how GreenSuite can help:

  1. GreenSuite’s reward point system could be configured to offer points for the more energy a Cooperative member consumes.
  2. GreenSuite’s AdSuite offers Cooperatives a new revenue stream which would help to offset the costs of the excess capacity.

GreenSuite wants to be your green button

Published by Cory Clark on March 2nd, 2012 - in Electric

In September 2011, U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra challenged the utility industry to enable consumers to download their detailed energy usage with the simple click of a “Green Button.” GreenSuite is proud to be responding to this challenge with current customers through the use of its software solution.

Find out how GreenSuite can become your green button.

More Information:

Green Button Initiative Artifacts Page

A GreenSuite alert would have warned family about high bill

Published by Cory Clark on March 1st, 2012 - in Electric, Email Alerts

A GreenSuite alert would have been nice.

Illinois family shocked by $100k electric bill

GreenSuite allows utilities and customers to configure and customize their own alerts. For the Illinois family mentioned in the above article, they could have an email alert set within GreenSuite to notify them when their bill exceeds 10% of their normal usage and/or cost.

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