GreenSuite Launches Green Button Download

September 7, 2012

GreenSuite today announced the launch of its Green Button Download. This new feature gives customers access to data about their energy usage with a simple click of an online green button. Green Button is an industry-led effort that allows electricity customers to download their household or building energy-use data in a consumer- and computer-friendly format.

“We are excited to offer the Green Button Download to utilities and their customers,” said Tim Butler, Chief Technology Officer of GreenSuite. “GreenSuite responded to the challenge to join the administration and other utilities in providing innovative and creative solutions so utility customers can make informed energy decisions with this customer-friendly application.”

With GreenSuite, utility customers can access green button data via the GreenSuite web portal whether the customer has a digital smart meter or traditional meter. Within the web portal, customers can click on the green button download icon to download electric usage data.

About GreenSuite
GreenSuite is the solution for both, making it easy and fun for consumers to increase their energy efficiency while reducing costs for utilities. An engaging user interface and unique community rewards program transforms an old pain point into a fun challenge that rewards consumers and incents change. Visit or call 1-877-422-6463 to learn more.

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