Consulting Services

GreenSuite’s professional consulting team is experienced and here to help whether you are migrating or merging information from one business system to another.

Data Consolidation and Mapping

The GreenSuite consulting team is capable of creating data matching algorithms to map different sets of data based on key account information. GreenSuite can programmatically match data based on addresses and member info to ensure certain accounts are mapped to appropriate accounts. For instance, Timothy Butler with an electrical account is correctly mapped to Tim Butler, whom has a telecom account, assuming their addresses and other matching info match, as well.

Data Migration and Cleansing

Data cleansing is crucial when migrating data from multiple systems, or merging data from multiple systems. The GreenSuite team has experience migrating large amounts of data by thoroughly comparing and cleansing the data based on key account information. For instance, we can migrate and clean data so that all street addresses are in a consistent format: 1210 North Nicholson Street will be equivalent and cleaned to 1210 N Nicholson St to be consistent across systems.

The experience GreenSuite has gained extends across many systems including AMR, AMI, Billing, and other back office systems.

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