GasGreenSuite helps natural gas utility providers lower operating costs by engaging their customers in behavior-based efforts to improve efficiency. GreenSuite’s cloud-based utility information portal for natural gas companies monitors, measures, and reports natural gas usage and rewards desired usage behavior.

If you would like to learn more about how GreenSuite:

  • Monitors the natural gas usage behaviors of customers
  • Measures customers’ gas usage versus other community members
  • Reports natural gas usage to customers online, through mobile devices and through email
  • Rewards customers by incentivizing them to alter their gas usage behaviors

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Natural Gas Information Portal
GreenSuite’s cloud-based natural gas information portal requires very little internal IT support and engages customers by providing:

Usage Data
View historical and current gas usage in an intuitive graphing system.

Community Comparisons
Compare a customer’s natural gas usage versus similar properties within the community.

My Gas Plan
Create a plan of efficiency or conservation activities for customers with the ability to save completed tasks and schedule future activities with email and text reminders.

Email/Text Alerts
Equipped with its own email and text functionality, no internal IT support is necessary.

Reward Points
Reward members for natural gas efficiency improvements or conservation by offering points which can be redeemed for gift certificates, statement credits and much more.

Provide gas efficiency and conservation tips to customers via GreenSuite. GreenSuite can provide content or you may display your own content.

GreenSuite’s unique advertising platform helps natural gas utilities increase revenue. AdSuite is an online software solution that allows a gas utility to serve ads to its customer base.

Why deliver ads to customers through GreenSuite?

  • Drive significant revenue
  • Diversify revenue sources
  • Help keep costs down for customers
  • Increase visibility for customer businesses
  • Build customer goodwill

GreenSuite manages the entire process including:

  • Sales
  • Ad creation
  • Ad placement
  • Tracking and reporting
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