GreenSuite is good for…

Member Engagement
GreenSuite software assists Cooperatives in engaging customers about their energy usage behaviors and keeping them engaged. GreenSuite allows Cooperatives to choose various engagement activities such as email alerts, awarding of loyalty points for certain usage behaviors, web presentment of meter data, reporting and community comparisons.

Load Management
GreenSuite software provides tools and analysis that allow Cooperatives to better model energy usage patterns. Historical meter data is stored within GreenSuite which then can be manipulated into various reports through GreenSuite’s Report Engine. The report engine creates individual usage behavior reports and reports displaying total usage across entire customer base.

Meter Data Presentment
GreenSuite stores meter data from traditional or smart meters. Energy usage information can be presented online directly from the Cooperative website, as a Tablet app or as a mobile app. Information can also be delivered via email alerts or printed PDF reports.

Community Comparisons
GreenSuite provides community comparisons based on a sampling of accounts with similar attributes. This comparison partly fuels GreenSuite’s GreenScore which is a score based on certain behavior based criteria. With access to this information, customers are encouraged to alter their energy usage behaviors based on individual historical usage, current weather trends, and the comparison to others in their community.

Demand Response
GreenSuite software provides 24X7 access to Cooperative customers’ energy usage so that they may make more informed purchase decisions based on their behavior. The availability of this information can lead to improved communication between customers and providers so that the decision about how and when to produce and consume can become more efficient.

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